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Trekking Batad Rice Terraces to Tappia Falls

Prepare your muscles. If you’re planning to see the Batad Rice Terraces and Tappia falls, I suggest you start doing bit of exercise now. The trek will most likely be challenging if you have a sedentary lifestyle. One of my friends and I trained for and did a 21K run  before this trip and still had sore legs a day after the trek. The trek might be a challenge but is totally worth all of your time and effort.

We started the trek after lunch, with our guide whom we met there in Batad on our way to the inn. Going to the falls took under 1 hour, but going back was a little longer as we had to take some breaks. It was actually nice that it wasn’t high noon when we headed back, otherwise it would have been too hot of a trek back to the inn.

The water will be very much inviting when you get there so have a footwear that you can use as you cross the water (you can also cross barefoot, but having a footwear is much better for me), and clothes for when you decide to take a dip. You can also just go into the water with what you’re wearing, whatever suits you. Don’t forget to apply sun screen and bring water. There are also stores along the way where you can buy water or snacks.

Here are some photos from our trek. Most of it were taken by my friend.

Start of the trek through the rice terraces
The sound of this falls was relaxing



The cool water was refreshing after the sweaty trek
Almost near the inn on the way back

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