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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train

When I was doing my research on transportation options from Singapore to Malaysia, most blogs and forum posts I’ve read suggested taking the bus. I was fortunate to stumble upon the Seat61 website since I was not very keen on travelling via bus for long hours. I learned from Seat61 that I can take the KTM train from Woodlands Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


I booked 2nd class sleepers for our trip from SG to KL back in 2013 using KTM’s website. Singapore and Malaysia immigration procedures will be done prior to getting on the platform. Our train was scheduled to depart Woodlands at 23.30 and arrive at KL Sentral by 6.30 the next day. My recollection is that there was no delay on our trip.


So, if you’re also not into the idea of taking the bus like I was back in 2013 then try checking out the KTM train. You have the option to book a seat or a berth, whichever you prefer. My friends and I booked berths since we wanted to have a bed where there’s a chance of sleeping comfortably. I usually have a hard time sleeping while in a moving object but I was able to sleep on this one (but this is the only ride I had where I got a bed 🙂 ).


Ticket booked online
Welcome to 2nd Class Sleeper. Curtains for privacy.
2nd Class Sleeper photo from Seat61

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